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Workplace Benefits



Keeping employees happy can be a challenge. The various benefits available through employment are one of the main ways to attract and to keep good workers on the payroll. Workplace benefits can vary from video games and complimentary meals to live-work balance help to extraordinary medical and dental benefits. An insurance professional can explain how these benefits may be bundled, as well as the individual coverage of each.
Long Term & Short Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance is designed for individuals suffering from a debilitating illness or injury that generally lasts longer than a year. Short-term medical coverage is just what the title implies. It is for those who usually are stricken with an illness or an injury for a shorter period, usually up to one year. Long-term insurance will often become active when short-term is no longer appropriate.
Disability Insurance
Disability insurance is the kind of policy that covers employees who become unable to perform their usual and required job duties. One’s issue could be the result of a physical or mental issue. Disability insurance is designed to cover a portion of a worker’s pay until he or she can resume work.